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Power Bank GC Green Cell PowerPlay10 10000mAh avec charge rapide 2x USB Ultra Charge et USB-C Power Delivery 18W

Green Cell
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  • Fabricant connu de Green Cell
37,95 €
29,95 €
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GC Power Play 10

Green Cell PowerPlay10 is the next step in the evolution of Green Cell powerbanks. We took the best features from our GC PRIME and armed it with latest charging technologies, taking the new PowerPlay10 to a new level. By adding two additional ports, we have created a power bank that helps you gain advantage wherever you are.

in Europe


PD 18W


When we began designing our new PowerPlay10, we wanted to continue with the characteristic look of our best selling PRIME power bank. That's why the extremely capacious lithium-polymer cells were yet again closed in an elegant case, to which we added two additional ports. We have also changed the Green Cell logo into a button displaying capacity of the bank at any given time.

Even More devices

GC PowerPlay10 is equipped with 3 fast ports that allow charging up to 3 devices at once: USB-C Power Delivery port that can charge with up to 18W or to charge up PowerPlay itself, 2 USB-A ports with Ultra Charge technology and a micro USB port dedicated to charge the power bank.

Gain advantage

In a world where seconds matter, we give you hours. Thanks to high-quality lithium-polymer cells GC PowerPlay10 will give you even up to 40h additional hours of use to ensure you with maximum comfort wherever you are.

iPhone 12 / 12 Pro

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

Samsung S21

Huawei P30 Pro

iPad Pro

Nintendo Switch


Forget about the problem of discharged devices! Thanks to 3 ports, PowerPlay10 will effectively cope with charging your devices, and the Pass Through function will allow you to use it like a multiport charger. The powerbank itself can be charged via a dedicated microUSB port or USB Type C port with up to 20W of power.

Power Delivery

2x USB-A
Ultra Charge

Micro USB

Let the power flow freely

The Pass-Through function allows you to simultaneously recharge your power bank as well as the devices connected to it. This saves time and space in your luggage, therefore, it is perfect for traveling.


Nowadays smartphone is not the only device that we carry everywhere with us, those devices also need to be recharged. Keeping that in mind we've equipped our power bank with a USB-C PD 18W port that can easily charge devices such as iPad Pro or Nintendo Switch. It can even charge up ultrabooks! We haven't forgotten about classic smartphones - with two Ultra Charge USB-A ports, you can charge your Samsung S10+ and iPhone 11 at the same time!

Safety for you and your devices

Performance safety is ensured by high-quality electronics, while damage resistance is ensured by the thoughtful design and materials from which the Power Play10 was created from.


Protection against
deep discharge

The match between the input
and output voltages

Cells temperature

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      Commentaires et questions des clients
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      (6 commentaires)
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      Votre note
      Notes moyennes
      / 5
      (6 commentaires)
      Votre note:

      Merci pour votre avis. Il sera bientôt disponible sur la fiche produit.

      , 2020-02-16
      star star star star star

      Cette chose fonctionne à merveille et rester chargés pendant longtemps

      0 0
      , 2020-01-29
      star star star star star

      Meilleure banque de puissance que j'ai jamais utilisé!

      0 0
      , 2020-03-21
      star star star star star

      Je l'utilise tous les jours pour charger 2-3 appareils en même temps.

      0 0
      , 2020-04-12
      star star star star star

      Nice design, recharge rapide

      0 0
      , 2020-03-29
      star star star star star

      vraiment comme les éléments de conception et vert

      0 0
      , 2020-03-02
      star star star star star

      grande que le câble est à l'intérieur de la boîte

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      Descriptif technique
      10000 mAh
      Type de cellules:
      Protection contre la surchauffe :
      Protection contre la surcharge:
      Protection contre la décharge profonde:
      12 Mois
      Green Cell


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